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KwickFit's advanced layout calculators will transform the way you approach PCB panelization.

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One size doesn't fit all and KwickFit will find the Array design that produces the highest part per panel yield for any size manufacturing panel.

Get Results in Seconds

Just enter the PCB part size, click calculate and KwickFit will present multiple layout options for multiple panel sizes in a single operation.

Discovers PCB cost reductions

Find PCB cost reductions early in design by discovering the threshold at which a reduced PCB part size increases the part per panel yield.

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PCB Panelization - Not as Simple as It Seems

While PCB designers and manufacturers recognize the importance of optimized panel layouts, achieving the optimum configuration isn't always straightforward. A PCB array may appear to fit well on the panel, but a different array design may produce an even higher part per panel yield. KwickFit provides the tools needed to quickly evaluate all possibilities and discover the most efficient array and panel layouts. By using KwickFit, you can ensure you’re getting the highest part per panel yield and the lowest PCB cost.

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"PCB panelization can significantly impact production cost. KwickFit’s advanced algorithms suggest the best array and panel layouts for a variety of scenarios, increasing the yield of the manufacturing panel and making the fabrication process more cost-effective. It’s an indispensable tool for PCB designers and manufacturers aiming to lower PCB costs."

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