About MicroMega Solutions

Serving the PCB industry since 1996

MicroMega Solutions is a software and services company located in central Florida. Our mission is to provide world class software and KwickFit is the result of our service to the PCB industry.

The first version of KwickFit was released in 1996 with our Basic layout calculator. It transformed what was once an incomprehensible manual operation to one that could be performed in a matter of seconds. It was a great success and over the years we've built on that success, adding powerful new features while maintaining KwickFit's simplicity.

Fast forward to today

Looking to deliver even greater value to our customers we moved KwickFit to the cloud. KwickFit in the cloud provides anytime, anywhere access to KwickFit on any device. You can now run KwickFit from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, and since there’s nothing to install, you never need to worry about upgrades.

In the cloud, we can deliver value at a faster pace. Also, in the cloud it's easier than ever to share your panel configurations across your team, even across geographic locations. Since KwickFit runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, you can be assured of rock solid availability, reliability and security.

Always at your service

We’re here to help. We're interested in your needs and your opinions. If you have questions about KwickFit or even a question about PCB panelization in general, just drop us an email at support@micromeg.com.

Thanks for using KwickFit.

Tom Monico - Founder, MicroMega Solutions