KwickFit Features

Part, Array and Panel layout calculators

KwickFit provides several advanced panelization calculators to maximize part per panel yield in a variety of scenarios.

Basic layout - Calculates how many individual parts will fit on a panel.

Fixed Matrix Array - Enter the array matrix to calculate the array size and how many arrays will fit on a panel.

Auto Matrix Array - Enter a minimum and maximum number of parts on the array to calculate the array matrix that yields the most parts per panel. For example, if you set the minimum to 4 and the maximum to 6 parts, KwickFit will evaluate layouts for 1x4, 4x1, 2x2, 1x5, 5x1, 1x6, 6x1, 2x3 and 3x2 arrays, provided the array fits within the array size constraints you specify. The array size constraints filter out impractical array sizes.

Fixed Size Array - Enter the array size to calculate how many parts will fit within the array and how many arrays will fit on a panel.

Semi-Fixed Size Array - Calculate the array matrix that yields the most parts per panel when one dimension of the array is a fixed and the other can vary. This layout is a blend of the Auto-Matrix Array layout and the Fixed-Size Array layout.

Round Part - Calculate how many round parts will fit on a panel.

Panel Shear - Calculate how many panels can be sheared from a sheet of laminate.

Panel sizes

Create an unlimited number of panel sizes and organize them into panel sets. Select the panel set and run a layout calculation on all panels in the panel set in a single operation.

Panel Sizes

Panelization summary

View a summary of the layout calculation and compare results to find the best layout for your needs.

KwickFit Panelization Summary

Panelization detail

View a details of any panel result along with alternate panel layouts.

KwickFit Panelization Details

Find hidden optimizations

KwickFit's Analyze Part Size to Increase Yield feature can identify opportunities for cost reduction by finding the threshold at which a reduced part size increases the part per panel yield.

In the illustration below KwickFit found that reducing the part size by .02 inches in the x axis would increase the parts per panel from 54 to 55. On a large production run, one more part per panel could amount to a large cost savings.

Analyze Part Size

Dimensioned arrays

KwickFit generates a dimensioned array drawing for each array layout.

Automatically Dimensioned PCB Arrays

Export results to Excel

Export the panel layout results form your own analysis.

Export Layouts Results to Excel

Save layout results

Save and annotate layout results with notes.

Saved Layout

Collaborate with your team

KwickFit runs in the cloud so sharing panel sizes and saved layouts with your team is easy, even across geographic locations. Each KwickFit account can have an unlimited number of users.

KwickFit Manage Users

Export layouts to DXF

Panel layouts can be exported to DXF for easy import into the CAD or CAM systems.

Print layout results

Layout results are formatted for printing.

Analyze Part Size